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Naturedew Energy - The Main Objectives


Carry on busines's of generation, forecasting, purchasing, producing, manufacturing, importing, exporting, exchanging, selling and trading in power products and services in India and abroad.

Own, manage, investigate, plan, promote, develop, design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation, modernization of power projects in solar, on-shore/off-shore wind, geo-thermal, tidal, bio-gas, bio-mass, small hydro and other renewable energy sources in India and abroad.

Plan and execute an integrated programme on development and implementation of renewable energy projects

Plan, develop, maintain, lease, hire, manage solar parks, infrastructure facilities, and all related ancillary facilities & services in India and abroad

Carry on the business of planning, investigation, survey, research, design and preparation of preliminary feasibility and detailed project reports, related to Power Projects in India and abroad

Co-ordinate the activities of its subsidiaries and Joint Venture Companies, to determine their economic and financial objectives / targets and to review, control, guide and direct their performance with a view to secure an optimum utilization of all resources placed at their disposal

Assist, carry out such directions as may be issued by the Administrative Ministry from time to time in executing, evolving, managing, overseeing and coordinating programmes and projects under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission and all such other Programmes or Missions as may from time to time to be implemented

Establish, provide, maintain, conduct, scientific and technical research, experiments, pilot projects and tests of all kinds and to process, improve, innovate and invent new products, technologies, directly or in collaboration with other agencies in India & abroad to achieve commercialization

Engage in the business of performance monitoring, data analysis, resource assessment, cost engineering, technology forecasting, training & capacity building, skill development, promotion & awareness campaigns etc. in India and abroad

Promote, organize, conduct and render consultancy services in the related activities of the Company in India and abroad



CLIMATENZA Solar Pvt. Ltd., is a private limited company founded in 2018 promoting renewable energy in India and Chile. CLIMATENZA develops and applies solar Photovoltaics and solar CSP technology to generate high-value energy for Residential, Industrial and Utility scale applications directly from the sun. We are experts in providing customized energy solutions, such as Grid-interactive Rooftop solar, Ground-mounted Solar plants, Off-Grid Solar and Solar thermal solutions.

Apart from providing Solar PV solutions, CLIMATENZA also develops, supplies and supports Solar thermal technology for the development of cost-competitive, highly efficient and low-medium temperature industrial process heat systems. These technologies can be deployed in stand-alone or industrial-integrated solar thermal projects, with or without storage, or hybridized with gas, oil or other fuels to deliver cost-competitive dispatchable power generation systems. They may also be deployed to provide thermal energy for a diverse range of low-medium temperatures industrial processes such as for processes in food processing Industry, Textile Industries, Chemical, and Pharma industry.

CLIMATENZA has designed and commissioned 8 Solar Photovoltaics projects in partnership for residential and Commercial clients. Some of the Clients include Hari Om Mandir (Delhi), Barat Ghar Community Center (Delhi), Residential homes in Chandigarh and Uttrakhand. Apart from that, the company holds experience in building solar thermal plants in Chile, Sweden, Jordan and now designing solar thermal plant for Industrial clients in India. This includes Pharma company in Chennai, Coffee company in Karnataka and FMCG Machine manufacturing company in Indore.

We are
Solar Energy

Naturedew Energy Private Limited is an unlisted private company incorporated on 06 December, 2018. The registered office of the company is at 290, 2nd Main Road, AVALAHALLI,BDA LAYOUT, GIRINAGAR,BANGALORE, Bangalore, Karnataka.


To build ‘Green India’ through harnessing abundant solar radiation and to achieve energy security for the country.


To become the leader in development of large scale solar installations, solar plants and solar parks and to promote and commercialize the use of solar energy to reach remotest corner of India.

To become leader in exploring new technologies and their deployment to harness solar energy.

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